Pixel Remote Services

Film wherever you want, We connect you wherever you are!


Real Time Video Stream

Group Video Conference

Virtual Video Operator

Get crystal clear image, as if you were in the set, no matter how far away from the location you are

Any device can be your on set monitor
Minimum latency and delay
With Pixel Cloud you’ll always be connected, nevermind where the shooting is happening

Digital Imaging Technician


The importance of the DIT on set has a great value

Secure management of the captured footage

Being able to perform a primary color correction

Qualify picture exposure

Assist the DOP with decision making on set, regarding technical aspects of the photography

Vast knowledge of the cameras used in the industry and their functions

All this adds up for the DIT to be the key element between the set and post production communication, which is vital for a better result.

Smart Assist



Smart Assist is all the technology contained in 22”, with all the necessary hardware to provide QTake HDTM the power it requires, in a fast, compact and secure system. Smart Assist starts up in 25 seconds, from the moment you push the power button until you are ready to shoot.

Smart Assist is an ideal tool for the Editor assistant, the DIT, the DOP and the VFX supervisor in one device.

Video Assist


Our specialty at Pixel Digital Services is Video Assist, we have the most technology-efficient system in the industry, with different configurations and sizes depending on your needs.

Our operators are capable to provide you with a fast, efficient and quality service.




Video Assist can not be complete without an optimal wireless system that allows transmission of progressive 1080 4:2:2 uncompressed video signal, up to a distance of 3000 ft in a 5 Ghz band.

Pixel Digital Services provides you with the most light and powerful transmitters adaptable for any situation.




“Eyes are the window of the soul” just like the monitor is the window of the soul of your project, that is why we make an effort to provide the best technology in quality and color accuracy, so that the director sees every last detail of the painting he is painting.