Do you know what happens when more than 15 years of experience in Video Assist services and certified operators in the QTAKE tool come together? The result, PIXEL, solutions for the film industry.

But first things first, what is QTAKE and why is it such an important tool for us to bring your projects to life.

QTAKE is an application designed and developed for video assistance. We use it to shoot, capture, playback, edit and process the video output of any camera. This tool allows us to make instant color corrections, cuts, special effects… and much more, all on-set.

Now, if you add to this the experience, training and QTAKE certification of our PIXEL operators, rest assured that you are in good hands, since we have the capacity and knowledge to adapt to that project that you imagine and want to make reality, from movies, series, streaming and commercials.


Click here, be surprised and learn more about how we can help you.

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